Welcome To Our New Website!

Howdy! Can anyone guess how many years Brinkley Auctions has been open? We are on our 40th Year of Regularly Held Monthly Auctions in the Same Location with the Same Auctioneer who started all of this which happens to be my Poppy, Larry Brinkley. We have had a nice website for years but when I began working at Brinkley Auctions I convinced Poppy that we needed a new look. After months of collaboration, we are happy to say that we now have a new and improved website. We have been working with designer and photographer Erick Gfeller who happens to be Larry’s son in law. He has done an AMAZING job. We hope you enjoy browsing around to check out the new additions. Send us a comment on facebook to let us know what you think! I will use this News page to keep you up to date on what’s going on at Brinkley Auctions and share lots of exciting news. When Larry has time, he will be posting letters on this page as well. Ya’ll Come Back!

🙂 BreeAnn (for those that don’t know I am his granddaughter).